25. Getting Professional

30 Nov

As I wrap up the term and get one step closer to the real world, I realize that all the work, lectures, guest speakers, and curiosity over the last ten weeks has made me all the more eager to become a professional in an industry that I love. Here is my proof.



24. If You Let Me Play Sports

30 Nov

In 1995, NW ad agency (and clearly a fav of mine) Wieden +Kennedy created a campaign called, If You Let Me Play Sports, for Nike Women. It isn’t just an ad about selling products to women; it is a campaign that celebrates the benefits of sports in young girls’ lives. The ad features girls of all different races who claim the message, “if you let me play sports, I will have more self confidence. If you let me play sports I will learn what it means to be strong.” It ties an emotional connection between mothers and daughters and the brand name that they see on the television screen.

“If we can do something good for someone, no matter the product, it’s going to be good for us,” – Stefan Olander, Nike global director of digital media


23. Visualizing the Shift

30 Nov

Courtesy of AdWeek



22. The Sketchbook Project

30 Nov

Want to be part of something big? Something inspiring? Something limitless? The Sketchbook Project is a collaborative group of work from people all over the world. Participants receive a blank sketchbook, fill it up over time, and submit it to the Brooklyn Art Library to be included in a printed book. The work is awe-inspiring and allows viewers the chance to look at the creative work of complete strangers. Here is a glimpse of some of the 2011 sketchbook participants.



21. The Copy Room Just Got a Little More Fun

30 Nov

Dunder Mifflin Paper is 100% fun and 100% available in real life stores! In spirit of the holidays and the season of white elephant gift exchanges, NBC has decided to bring their star comedy series, ‘The Office’ to stores near you by licensing with paper coming Quill.com.  Yet to see any advertisements on the Thursday night show, but I’m hoping that they finally put the jingle to use!


20. Fashionable ‘Friends’ and Product Placement

30 Nov

For all my ‘Friends’ fans, this one if for you.

The show inspired many trends, sayings, gestures and haircuts, so why wouldn’t brands want to see their names during the Thursday night prime-time television spot? Along with Toblerone, Nestle Toll House, and Porsche, Pottery Barn was listed as number 1 on Entertainment Weekly’s Best Product Placement List, at the end of the 10-year long series.

“The One with the Apothecary Table” got some major flack at the time from critics for its blatant use of p.p. Producers however, argued that it brought their production costs ways down, while bringing a lot of business to the Williams-Sonoma home furnishing store. In addition to the 2000 episode, product placement has been gracing us with its presence in several notable media spots such as Wayne’s World, Modern Family, and a plethora of reality competition shows.

19. The Next Big Thing – Samsung

28 Nov

“I could never get a Samsung. I’m creative.” “Dude, you’re a barista.”

If lines like this are supposed to make me feel ashamed about belonging to the Apple cult, Samsung is going to have to try a little bit harder next time. In the recent Galaxy S II commercial spot, 72andsunny takes a West Side Story approach by poking fun at the ongoing Apple user vs. non-Apple user battle. While hipster iPhone fans anxiously wait in a lengthy line for the newest upgrade, Galaxy users cooly display their 4G smartphone purchase. The sarcastic jabs at Apple users might be true, but I think we’ll get over it.